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It is a surprise how God uses 'ungodly' men!

Imagine how a leadership team would handle a loving confrontation with the following ungodly men - some details have been changed to protect their identity:

1.  A respected leader from the congregation becomes obsessive about preparing for the predicted world disaster. The leadership team knows that he has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder and confronts him about poor stewardship and his refusal to submit to standard psychiatric treatment such as taking his prescribed drugs.

2.  This young man decides to leave his family and all his longstanding commitments and relationships for 'foolish' adventures in distant lands.  Religious leaders were concerned that he felt that God is calling him to some new landscape. Discerning that this was a lust after adventure and avoidance of responsibility they make an appeal for him to stay.

3.  Having left home to live in a different place it was rumored that this man was actually sleeping with another man's wife.  It was also 'discovered' that this man was trained in the new age sorcery and dream interpretation and expected to be blessed by God.  The religious leaders thought it best to confront this 'ungodly' man about such delusions.

4.  This man approached the religious leaders for permission to marry a woman outside the faith, much younger than himself who had pursued him to entice him into a sexual relationship.  Of course the religious leaders wouldn't sanctify such a relationship!

5.  He was still wanted on charges of murder, he had lived for 40 years overseas and now he has returned and wants to step in as head of his denomination! He is highly educated and reports being sent by God but denominational leaders wanted to confront him about his criminal record.

6.  The teachings of this young religious leader totally undermined church traditions, in fact he was 'not into church.'  Concerned with his growing popularity and use of the media a team of denominational leaders are sent to 'dialogue' with him.

7.  This young teacher has offended a number of churches where he spoke by flagrantly abusing his speaking privileges by putting on a show and breaking the rules.  His local church thinks he has become overly 'religious' and needs to step down from ministry for a season, get some rest, good food and perhaps some psychiatric treatment.

8.  A denominational leader known for effective work in exposing the cults has converted to a major non-Christian cult and now is using his considerable skills as a communicator to promote this cult.  It is time for some tough love.

9.  This local church has become quite controversial because they welcome homosexuals and their minister has been know to ordain members of the mafia and to hang out in clubs drinking with prostitutes.  He is gaining quite an audience with his fake healings on TV.

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