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by George Hartwell M.Sc. Counsellor
(George holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical psychology)

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Borderline Personality - What is that?

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Borderline Personality

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A Borderline Personality is a desparate, aggressive individual who is convinced they are right and their view is correct even if no one else in their world shares their view.

The Borderline Personality is desparate, hypervigilant and panics around attachment and abandonment issues.  It is as if they believe that they would die if abandonned.

The Borderline Personality may become aggressive, use tantrums and rages to control the people in their world.

The Borderline Personality refuses to admit to any wrong or fault with such vigor that it seems to be a matter of life or death, as if my right to exist depends upon being right.

The Borderline Personality is unstable and inconsistent of mood and behaviour.  Those living with them are 'walking on eggshells' because one cannot predict when rage may occur, when their mood may change, when one might go from being 'friend' to 'foe.'

The Borderling Personality lacks self control not only of temper but often doing things that harm themselves or being out of control with shopping, drug use, alcohol, sex, gambling,driving or eating.

If the human spirit is seen as the core of the human person, this core is either extremely immature or missing in the Borderling Personality.  They experience this as inner emptiness and "something missing in their life."

The depth of their inner disconnect with life is seen in suicidal thoughts or actions.  They may also withdraw from life in dissociative periods (inner absence).

The Borderline Personality will not easily attain and maintain long term relationships.  Their neediness and emotional immaturity is a constant drain on those close to them.  They may lack the ability to love or empathized as an adult.  They are a child in an adult body.

Their image of themselves and of others is unstable.  They may not feel loved if their loved one is absent.  They are not consoled by memories of love.  Their behaviour is not contrained by prediction of long term consequences.

If praying for such a one claim what Jesus said - that He came to set the captives free; that He came to seek and save the lost.  For the Borderline Personality is a lost soul.  John Sandford used the term Captive spirit to describe persons where the functions of the human spirit are not present.

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