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Releasing Burdens - an inner healing prayer used in Listening Prayer Therapy as developed by © George Hartwell


You have noticed that you are carrying an emotional burden that is too much for you. 

Declare: "Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I want to exchange my heavy burden for what Jesus has for me."

To set up this healmylife prayer encounter, imagine yourself walking along a trail through a forest and over hills carrying a heavy pack. This heavy pack represents your burden

You come to a building where there is an exchange counter. You have been told about this place. You have heard that you can exchange heavy feelings for better ones. You go in. Behind the exchange counter is a person who is waiting to serve you.

You tell him that you want to exchange your heavy pack for something lighter. Notice what happens. What does he do with your pack?

Don't leave without completing the exchange. What is he giving you in exchange? How do you feel?

As you leave, thank him for doing the exchange.

Now notice how you feel. Let the feeling sink in. 

What have you learned? Make notes.

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