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Breaking Curses (Remove a curse, removing a curse, break curses)

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A client, lets say Nicola (not an actual name of a client), comes to me because she feels her life and her family's life is under a curse.  On investigation it turns out there is a curse against the family alright but there is more. The family tends to doubt, talk negatively about her job prospects, job interviews and jobs she gets.  In effect, they are cursing her with their negativity.  Nicola tends to get frustrated with her employers and talk negatively about them.  She, in effect, curses her employees.  Each of these curses needed to be broken.  Nicola needed to learn how to break curses and to do Protection Prayers to defend herself from others spoken curses.  She needed tp practice calling down God's blessings on her workplace.

What is a curse?

Let us look at what is a curse.  I will define cursing using basic principles, try to explain the mind set behind cursing - what drives us to it and explain how you can apply this understanding to break curses.  Understanding what is a curse helps us in breaking the power of curses. 

Many people fail to discern the oppressing impact on others of their curses.  Not only that, Jesus said that there is great power and authority in all the words we speak.  Therefore words spoken in anger as well as our mean gossip can act as if they were curses.

Please realize that counter measures must be taken to break curses because curses have real power and do real damage.  Christians should thank God for being our Defender and Protector and claim this protection daily.  A more active approach is neccesary to break curses if we discern we are being oppressed by a curse.

Definition of a Curse

A curse may be defined by the negative impact it has if it is not recognized and broken

A curse may have a negative, destructive or evil impact on another's life.  However, it also has negative impact on the one who curses.  You need to learn to defend against the impact of a curses directed against you.  But also, don't yourself curse others.  You may be shooting yourself in the foot.  Yes, curses can boomerang back - a case of 'return to sender.'  Apart from that the unseen result of cursing another is that you become oppressed by your own curse and more vulnerable to the curses of others.  (The principle is that God is not your defender if you take over defending yourself by attacking others.  Judgement is God's.)

A curse may take different forms. Many of these can be unconscious.  In any case all forms of cursing would be considered sinful.  Not all are verbal.  I believe deep negative 'feelings' against another can act as curses.  I also believe a medical or psychiatric diagnosis acts much like a curse.

  1. A curse may involve witchcraft ( a hex) to tap into demonic power,

  2. However, it also may involve a fixed attitude of hatred toward a person.  The thoughts and intents of our heart do impact others.
  3. Even prayers can act as curses.  Controlling or 'witchcraft" prayers in which we attempt to impose our will on God or another can act like a curse; bring oppression.
  4. Prayers made in unbelief, for example involve prayers that focus on the illness or problem (praying the problem), can act like curses.  Do not focus your imagination on the problem rather speak God's word based on listening prayer and godly promises as lead by the Holy Spirit.
  5. Strong words angrily expressed wishing harm upon a person, with or without an oath, act as curses.  I remember Joan being so ticked off with Rocky that she sent him out the door wishing that a train would run in to him.  A train hit his truck that very day; but he was not harmed.
  6. Malicious gossip, discussing negative about another with evil intent, can act like a curse bringing heaviness and trouble.
  7. Verbal abuse, which may involve name calling, with or without swearing, acts like a curse.
  8. Even professional  labels, diagnostic labels, attaching a diagnosis upon a yourself or another person can act like a curse.  For example, a medical doctor says that you have cancer thus predicting that sickness or harm will befall you.  Out of fear and confidence in the professional's authority you receive the message and give in to the predicted and feared outcome.  Faith in God and God's healing power must be interjected into the news of any diagnosis.

Biblical Principles involved in Cursing

We are made in God's Image. Here is what the creation account says about curses:

  1. Made in God's image suggests that we have creative power.  We give life to things from our human spirit.

  2. Spirit - God's breath giving us life - is expressed in our breath and through our words.
  3. Therefore, there is power and authority in our words.
  4. Adam's first assignment was to name the animals.  We wrongly use this authority when we assign negative labels to people.  When we give them bad names.

Jesus speaks about curses (and the misuse of our words against others). Jesus says

  1. That we are accountable for the words we speak.

  2. That by our words we are justified or condemned.
  3. That we are to bless and curse not.
  4. That we are to pray for those who curse us.
  5. That calling down fire upon a village is not motivated by God's Spirit.

The power behind the curse

One theory: Curses release demons.

One theory is that curses derive their power from demons.  A demon is released by the curse.  A demon can be given authority to act both by the careless negative words we utter and by hostile evil words we utter in hate and frustration. 

Once released the demonic has permission to do what it was told to do (until it is completed).  

If the person against whom the curse is uttered is well protected (hidden in Christ, signed with the cross), then the demon may fuflill the assignment against another - even against the one who sent it out.  Thus a curse may boomerang against the curser.  My suggestion is that you daily ask for complete protection, asking to be hidden in Christ, covered with the blood of the New Covenant, surrounded with God's presence as a shield.

Slander, accusation, name calling, malicious gossip, negative words spoken against a person may well empower evil to oppress either the one cursed or the curser.

The other theory or perspective is that the human spirit by itself may generate sufficient evil power - by meditating on negative, hateful, hostile thoughts - to create evil destructive murderous energy.  This perspective take seriously the image of God as meaning co-creation and charges us to be careful with what we are creating in our heart, mind and imagination and what is expressed in our words.

Either way the power behind the curse must be protected against.  Sometimes the curse must be actively broken.

When more than protection is needed - if there are powerful curses coming at you - then I would suggest that you  actively cut them off / destroy them as suggested by Psalm 118: 11 and 12.  Speak the words out loud.  In addition you may ask Jesus to step between you and the person sending the curse.  Let Jesus be your shield, picture it is so and thank God that it is so.

Why Curse? What motivates cursing?

Anger, hostility, animosity, envy, jealousy, fear, need for control, a sense of inadequacy, helplessnes and the need for power - any of these can build up the hateful energy released in a curse.  Imagine packing in gunpowder to fire a big canon ball.  Brooding upon negative, hateful, judgmental thoughts; stoking these negative emotions, builds up an emotional charge that can be released with murderous intent and destructive impact with a curse.  Jesus, who said to love your enemies, also said: "

Why Your Curse Hurts

Psychological Pain

Most of us respond from our emotional brains (Biblical heart) from personality patterns (Biblical 'carnal or sinful nature') established before we could think objectively, decide for ourselves or resist the authority of the adults in charge.

When we respond as People Pleasers (Sandford 'Performance Orientation,' psychoanalytic 'false self') to life having been taught to be polite, behave well and always be nice, we may develop anger (hostility) in our spirit against the lack of freedom for self expression in this psychological straight jacket.  We see this when the 'stiff upper lip' English use of black humour, sarcasm and indirect means to express hostility.  Using occult arts, launching curses - this amy all be an expression of the anger at God underlying People Pleasing.

Breaking of a curse

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Jesus would ask: "Do you want to be healed?" So step #1 is to answer that question. "Jesus I do want this curse to be broken. I do need to be set free from this curse."

Who does it? You might want to break this curse yourself. However, in Listening Prayer Therapy we usually ask Jesus to take over the action and we would ask Him to break this curse. So step #2 is to declare: "Jesus you are Lord of this process. You are my Healer, my Saviour and my Deliverer. I don't just need help. I need you to take over and break this curse. Thank you."

(Optional step in ministry might be to ask forgiveness for any way we have believed this curse and thereby given it power. See Ministering Forgiveness.)

Step #3.  After the prayer in step two, I encourage you to keep your eyes closed and sense or picture Jesus breaking this curse. I encourage you to find some way to picture this happening.  You are in the role of movie directory.  How do you make this dramatic. 

One picture I often suggest involves a scene with you and the person (or group) that cursed you.  I invite you to have Jesus in this picture.  We ask Jesus to step in between this person and yourself.

As you picture that I would pray: "Jesus would you right in between. Break this curse and become a shield and protector to this person. Break the power of any curse so that it has no more access to you. Surround this person with your shield of protection.

I ask you how that was and how do you feel.

Step #4. To encourage identity transformation I would ask you to soak in the good feelings you were feeling. Let that feeling deepen in one's heart, mind, body and spirit. I would ask you after a while how that felt.

Step #5. I ask you what it would be like to have this feeling for the rest of your life? Would that be good?

Step #6. Ask "How would you describe the new you, this new identity based on the positive feelings using "I am" statements." I would prompt you t include all the postive feelings you had mentionned so far.

Step #7. Ask " If tried to imagine tomorrow as filled with these feelings and this new identity, does that picture come clear? How does it feel?"

Step #8. Ask Imagine the next week as being this new identity with these positive feelings and find out what that week would be like. Repeat for a month, for six months, for a year.

Finish with a thank you prayer. Agree in prayer for this new identity to come. Assign homework of starting each day repeating the I am statements and picturing the day from the perspective of the new identity.

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