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by George Hartwell M.Sc. Counsellor
(George holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical psychology)

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Deliverance from Curses

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Deliverance from Curses

Many people fail to discern the oppressing impact on others of their curses.  The Bible says there is great power and authority in the words we speak.

In addition, we do not take seriously that another's curse acts as a binding force on our life.  And not only curses but also resentment, gossip, and witchcraft prayers can bring oppression - oppressing one's mood, reducing life energy and cutting supply lines.

Just as dangerous and sinful is self-cursing.  Anger, judgments and criticism towards one self can release negative, binding, destructive forces on one's life.  By doing this we can be causing our own 'bad luck.'

The reason that our attitudes and words have such power for good or evil is simple.  Created in God's image, we have creative power.  Given God's Spirit - God's breath in us - the words we speak have spirit force.  As our thoughts are put into words our spirit gives creative authority and they have spiritual and earthly impact.  Strong emotion in our spirit directed against another also has this kind of impact (murderous impact according to Jesus warning about railing against one's brother).

There is special authority to those who have an extra measure of God's Spirit because they have been 'born from above.'  I have observed annointed ones speak negative toward their workplace and push several companies into bankruptcy. Speak positive and you could help keep your company afloat.

There is life or death in words. We can encourage or discourage. Our words can edify or destroy another or a company. We build up or tear down with the words that run off our tongue.  Jesus commands us to bless and curse not.

When James and John suggested that they curse the Samaritan villages Jesus said they know not what spirit they were speaking from.  Do you hear that?  Jesus is telling his disciples that when they invoke harm on this town (curse) they are agents of evil.  Think about that. 

When you curse, slander, pray controlling prayers or walk in hostility and hate you are an agent of evil and we empower evil.  Breaking curses involves deliverance from oppressive evil.

Prayers for Breaking of a Curse

Prayers to breaking of a curse are similar to prayers for the breaking of soul ties.  Every connection transferring evil between one person and another must be broken to end the power of the spoken words.  In place of that protection must be called upon.  I consistently use some variation of the following prayer - called 'Jesus in Between.'

STEP ONE - Creating the scene:

Remember or recreate the scene where this person cursed you.  If someone is likely speaking ill of you, praying wrongly or holding hostility toward you then put them in this scene.  You and the other person should be in the picture.

STEP TWO - Jesus in Between

Invite Jesus into this picture between this person and yourself.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this person.  Break any evil connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."

STEP THREE - Establish Protection

Pray: "Jesus, be the filter for anything passing between us so no evil is done. Become a shield between us.  Be my Protector and Defender.

STEP FOUR - Deliverance from Evil

Pray: "Jesus, break the power of any curse coming at me from this person.  Shut down any opening in the spirit that allows access.  Lock and seal it so that it cannot be opened.  Thank you that you became a curse (one the cross) so I can be freed from this curse.  I declare it null and void in my life.  I am open to God's Word for my life and ask that your Word prosper in my life."

STEP FIVE - Consolidation

Note what happened, that is, what you saw, heard, felt or sensed.  Note how you feel.  Give thanks for what has been accomplished. 

 © copywrite George Hartwell, 2008.  All rights reserved.

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