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God Love

 by George Hartwell M.Sc.

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"God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal live" "You who were far away have been brought near by the blood through the blood of Christ." "Whoever does not love does not know God because God is love." "This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."

God Love

God is.  God exists.  God is real.  God exists in and of himself.  God is the reason anything other than God exists.  The One who gives us being, gives us existence, gives us life does so by sharing His life, His being, His breath with us.  Without His breath in us we could not live.  Without His life within us we cannot have fullness of life.  God who is who He is, gives us life. (Yahweh means: "I am who I am." This is the 'name' given to Moses.  A name that is not a name.)

God love

God is love.  Love is God's essence.  This is the absolute; everything else is relative to it.  Love has absolute value because it is the one ultimate reality about God's essence.

Invited in

God invites you and me into His love.  We are invited into interactive relationship.  We are invited to build community with God.  We are invited to be comforted and encouraged by His love.  His arms are open to us.  His heart is open to us.  His eyes of love are upon us.  We need to respond to this invitation.

Opting out

In the Book of Genesis there is a story about two trees in a garden.  The first man and woman were able to eat of the Tree of Life and warned not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The devil told them that if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil they would be like God.  God told them if they ate of this tree they would die.  This story is an explanation of why we die.  We chose to be little judges; to feel like little gods.  All day we judge and measure others.  We enter into judgment on others.  We kill community.  We opt out of God's invitation to love.

So this is how to opt out of God's invitation into His love.  Be judgmental on God and others.  Dominate from the judge's chair.  Put on the judge's robes.  Pound away with the judges gavel.  Pick on others.  Criticize others.  Be sarcastic toward others.  Jab and poke them.  Condemn them. Ignore the sin on yourself - your dark side.  Look at others with judgment in your eye.  That effectively refuses God's invitation into community.

If you want to say "Yes" to the invitation to God love then you need to choose to love rather than judge, to forgive rather than condemn and to let God love stream through you to others.  The story in Genesis tells us there is way of living that brings death.  Jesus said: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive and you will be forgiven.  Give and it will be given to you." Luke 6:37.

We need to become love, radiate love, give out love and act with love if we are to live in community with God.  We need to give what we want to receive.  One might call this instantaneous karma, or 'what goes round comes round.'  What we measure out to others will be measured back to us.  Matthew 7:1  Just say "No!" to being the Judge.

Opting in to God Love

God wants the real you; your true self.  The more you can give God your true self, the more God can give to you His true self.  God wants you to come without any cloak over your soul.  Hiding from God hinders you from fully coming into community with God, knowing His heart and His love.

Don't judge yourself as unworthy.  (Just say "No!" to being the Judge. :-)  Don't be shy about your faults.  You can be totally open with God about everything in your life.  Being open about everything is the way to opt in to the invitation to God love.  Open your heart.  Come with open hands.  Lay it all out before Him. 

You can put in writing to God.  In fact, that is really helpful.  I can not explain the power of writing a letter to God in which you are open about your heart and bare your soul.  This is a powerful way to opt in to God love.

Creative artists found that writing freely for an hour or more every day for many days in a row helped dethrone the inner Judge.  It opened up the stream of creative writing.  It tapped into inspiration.

Inspiration is God's breath, God's Spirit, God love flowing through you.  Freely writing without criticism, judging, evaluating breaks the curse of the Tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil and allows the flow of the Tree of Life.

Opening to God Love when Troubled and Anxious

To commune with God love when anxious will involve being real about the what is troubling your heart (emotional issues).  You still want to come to God without any cloak over your soul - no hiding, pretending and avoiding.

To do this you must not judge your emotions.  You befriend them by opening yourself to fully enter into each emotion.  This is not done by writing.  It is done by fully experiencing the heart issue - the feeling.  Give each one its time, one at a time.

Again you are to say "No!" to being the Judge and quiet your minds overthinking and allow yourself primarily to be feeling.  Feel the issue that is troubling you.  Be fully present, fully aware, fully open to this experience.  Dare it to be a strong as it can be.  Let it do its worse.  Just keep being present.  Keep feeling.

Do this with each issue.  After you fully experience one, dismiss it and go on to another.  Exhaust all the issues one by one.  This is almost like loving your feelings with God love.  You acknowledge the issue without judgment.

It is like you are letting go of an old identity, like old dirty clothes, and you are going to get new clothes as you come into communion with God love.  You will know that this is happening if you get scared of letting go of your last feeling.  You will be feeling emptiness, void, nothingness, loss of identity, fear of loss of identity.  You will be tempted to go no further.  With sufficient courage you can continue to let go.  Do so even if it feels like you will die.  (You are dying to your old identity.)

When you persist letting go, staying present to this feeling of void, emptiness, dying, nothingness; then something new might happen, some unexpectedly exciting feelings may emerge.  This new feels good.  You feel like: maybe light, maybe life, maybe love.  Maybe you have become God Love, God light, God live.  That is good!

Living at its center is loving.  No love; no life.  God is love.  Enter community with God and there will be God love.  Live love.  Discover your 'God love' identity.