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Listening in a Prayer Journal

In the evening ask yourself what was the most meaningful or emotional event of the day. Write down how you feel and what you think as if it were happening. Meditating upon this event by asking yourself: "What does this mean? What does this say to me?"

Listening to the Day - Therapy 

If you find inordinate emotion at some point in your day it may be that emotion from a significant life event has surfaced. Write down how you feel and what you think as if it were happening in the present. Ask God to show you what event of your life did this remind you of? When you know or sense the event in your life then ask God "What did I believe at that time?" When you know what you believed then ask God: "What is Your truth for me?"

Make note of God's truth for you and how you feel when receiving this truth. Meditate upon this truth through the next week. Thank God for His truth.


Listening to a Dream

Make note of a dream. When you describe it do so in the present tense - to better experience the dream. Ask yourself (or ask God) what is the meaning or message of this dream. Don't analyze the dream by assigning hypothetical meanings to different parts. Look for the overall message of the situation, the story in the dream.

Ask yourself if this message, this situation runs parallel to a situation in your life. How might the dream speak into that situation.


Listening to a Dream - Therapy

Make note of a dream. When you describe it do so in the present tense - to better experience the dream. Ask yourself what feeling did you have in this dream. Focus on the main feeling and that part of the dream which evoked the strongest feeling.

If that feeling is a key to healing then we find that out in listening prayer. Ask God what significant event in your life had a similar feeling. Don't do your own thinking about this - listen.

If an event is brought to remembrance then ask God to clarify how you felt, what you thought and decided at this event. You want to remember what seemed to be true at that time. In other words what did you believe?

If it is clear what you believed then ask God for His truth. Listen for God's truth and make not of it. Note how you feel when you know God's truth. Does it feel good? Is there a sense that God's truth brought comfort and healing to you?


Listening to Scripture

Logos - the written word - the read word - impacts the mind. Faith comes by hearing the spoken word - 'God's very word spoken to me."

With a little skill you can change a written portion of scripture into a living encounter with God. You can hear His word spoken to you. That brings faith. That heals your life. See: www.HealMyLife.com.  That brings intimacy with God.

One skill is asking for confirmation with a simple question. Jesus says all these things shall be added unto you. There are conditions to fulfill. So there are two questions to ask: 1. Do I fulfill the conditions? So: "Do I seek first the kingdom of God?" Ask God this question.

An alternate question is 'what is lacking?' "In what way am I not seeking first the kingdom of God?" What is the block or issue in me?

If you have assurance that you have put the kingdom of God first then you should be in line for the promise to be fulfilled in your life. You can assume that on the basis of the written work &ldots; or &ldots; you can ask God and receive 'Your very word spoken to me.'

So: "Will you meet my needs?" or "Can I trust you for provision?" or "Will you be my Provider?"

The alternate approach would be: "What in my life is hindering You from providing for me as you promised?" "What is the block to Your provision getting through?" "How should I pray about this?"