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About Inner Healing Sessions with George

Fees and fee policies

In person inner healing sessions with George are scheduled and billed as generous 90 minutes sessions. The reason for 90 minutes: clients often apreciate the longer 90 minute session - more can be said, more can be learned, more therapy can be accomplished.

Fees: in person 90m minute session is $150.00

          Intensive therapeutic retreat day of 6 hours is $600.00 (Canadian)

          Phone sessions are billed at $100.00 per 60 minutes.  Phone sessions are normally 60 minutes.

Late change or cancellation Fee: Without 24-hour notice $40 late change or late cancellation fee is charged.

Full Fee No Show Policy. Half of the full fee is due for no shows, cancellations or changes made less than 4 hours before an appointment.

NSF checks: You will be required to cover the service charge for NSF checks. 

Rescheduling. I reserve the right to demand payment of all charges and  outstanding  fees before further sessions are scheduled. Fees may be mailed to George Hartwell at Runnymede Baptist Church, 60 Colbeck St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 1T9.

Phone time and Overtime. There is a fee for phone consultations over 15 minutes based on a portion of one's normal fee. Similarly there is an additional fee for appointments that extend beyond the alloted session based on a portion of one's normal fee.

Deposits and Advance Payments are not refunded but are valid as a credit for 12 months.

Letters for court:

If you have attended and paid for six or more sessions you may request a letter for court or for a lawyer. The fee for this depends on the time required and is billed at $60 per hour with the $60 minimum paid in advance.

Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with an appointment and the service you are getting you may request your money back for your most recent appointment. The procedure is to contact a member of my Board of Reference and me,  George Hartwell, with a brief description of the problem or concern in writing. You will receive a full refund of your fees for your recent appointment.

Setting up an appointment:

You make your own appointment. No referral needed.

Phone George Hartwell (416) 234-1850

or toll clear at 1-877-854-3990.

Agape Christian Counselling Toronto, Ontario



Heal My Life seminars and marriage counselling or individual therapy appointments are held at RUNNYMEDE BAPTIST CHURCH, 60 Colbeck St., Toronto, Ontario.

The church is near the Northwest corner of Colbeck and Runnymede Rd. The nearest major intersection is Runnymede Rd. and Bloor St. West in Toronto.

By subway to the Runnymede station and wok north one block on Runnymede. Go west on Colbeck St. and the Runnymede Baptist Church is on your Right. Offices are entered by the side door.

To get to the church from the corner of Bloor St. and Runnymede Rd. proceed north one block on Runnymede Rd. to Colbeck St. Turn left on Colbeck St. and the church is just on the right.

By auto coming from Mississauga,  when Eastbound on the QEW, exit onto Lakeshore Blvd. and turn left (north) proceed at the first lights (Windermere) to Bloor St. Turn Right on Bloor St. to reach Runnymede Rd.

By auto – when Westbound on the Gardiner Expressway, exit at the Kingsway and proceed North to Bloor St. then turn Right to reach Runnymede Rd.

By auto –from #400 or #401, exit South on Black Creek Drive and then South on Jane Street which ends at Bloor St. At Bloor St. turn Left and proceed East along Bloor St. to get to Runnymede Rd.

Your FAQs 

  1. Will I be covered by OHIP?

  2. Are you a registered Psychologist?

  3. How long will my therapy take?

  4. Are my sessions confidential?

  5. Will you respect my values?

  6. How do I know if I am getting the best therapy for me?

  7. Do you recommend other counsellors?

  8. How do I set up an appointment?

  9. What are your fees?

1.   Will I be covered by OHIP?

No, OHIP is for hospital and medical services

2.   Are you a registered Psychologist?

No. I am not a registered Psychologist.   

3.   How long will my therapy take?

Your therapy is finished when you reach your goals. I expect you to see some very significant life change within the first 8 sessions of therapy.

The fastest way to reach an initial breakthrough is an Inner Freedom Retreat. This provides 8 sessions within one week in a quiet peaceful Christian retreat. 

4.   Are my sessions confidential?

Yes. I always respect the confidentiality of your information in sessions or provided by phone or e-mail. I also respect your privacy within sessions. You are not required, encouraged or pressured to reveal anything beyond your comfort limits. I respect you. There are legal limits to client confedentiality.

5.   Will you respect my values?

Yes. You set the goals of therapy based on your values. I do not impose my values or religion. My aim to respect your values, religion and culture and build on your strengths. Back to FAQ. Back to details about individual therapy.

6.   How do I know if I am getting the best therapy for me?

The best way to evaluate therapy is in terms of your goals. Is the therapy focused on your stated goals? Are your goals being accomplished; your problems solved? Did you achive something of significance in 8 sessions?

7.   Do you recommend counsellors in my area?

I list other Christian counsellors who will provide Christian inner healing under Links.

The West Toronto Counselling Network are my colleagues and have my support. Ask for the brochure on our lecture series: "Life Issues."  Back to FAQ

8.   Contact Us: how do I set up an appointment?

You can contact George Hartwell, your professional therapist, for an in person appointment in Toronto, Ontario. Runnymede Baptist Church, 60 Colbeck St. by phoning 416 234-1850                     

Note: Even if you live outside the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you are never too far away for a 60 minute phone appointment. The call is without charge. Just pick up your phone and call. If I don't answer, leave a message and I will return your call. Feel free to call just to get more information. Phone: 1-877-854-3990.

You may also send questions by e-mail to: georgeh@interlog.com

Available Appointment times:

Afternoons at 1 PM, 2:30 PM  Monday to Friday.

venings at 7 PM and 8:30 PM Monday to Thursday.

Urgent and Critical Situations:

Be sure to inform me if you are in a relationship or personal crisis and feel it urgent to get immediate attention. I will make every effort to provide an appointment within 48 Hours. This is for CRISIS situations only!


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