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 Recently Tiger Woods and his wife came to Toronto for several days of intensive couple therapy.  They would receive 6 hours of therapy per day.  The cost:  ~ $1,800 per day.  Couples in crisis are looking for a way to get down to business quickly.  They want several days in a row.  I offer six hours of therapy per day.  (Not straight through - there are breaks for coffee and meals.)

Because of my life experience, extensive hours and years of working with couples and some very helpful tools for understanding people and their patterns,
couples find they are getting in depth understanding of themselves, their relationship and their life patterns before the first day is up.   Because I get down to business quickly, focus on root issues quickly and bet working on solutions quickly, a lot is accomplished in a few days.  (With me $1,800 covers the fees for 3 days.)



Christian Marraige Retreats  "This was an experience that will forever help to shape the future of our marriage"
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George Hartwell M.Sc. (Masters of Science, School and Community Psychology, University of Calgary):

-  Masters degree in Clinical Psychology
- Sensitive, caring and effective couple therapist with
- 35 years plus of counseling experience
- 60 years plus of life experience
- Mature skill sets at facilitating couple change 
- More about George and his Board of Reference

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I am, I confess, a Christian and a Christian counsellor.  That means, that when it is appropriate I will use prayer within my counselling sessions.  Of course, if that is not comfortable for you then it is not appropriate and I would not use prayer therapy as part of marital therapy.  You establish what you are comfortable with.

You can interview 100 of my clients and the couples that I have met with and you will not find any that said I imposed my faith or my agenda on them.  I am nonjudgemental.  I am fair and objective.  I respect people and where they are at in their pain, problems, doubt and faith.  I promise not to judge you or insist you do things my way.

In my experience Christian intensive therapy - marital retreats as I call them - are the most effective form of marriage counseling. Intensive therapeutic work provided allows couple and therapist to focus without distraction; to gain deeper insight and get to core issues faster.  The result is a more satisfactory outcome for the couple.

Your sessions have as their primary focus emotional bonding (love) issues.  You will learn to identify what is interfering with closer attachment - the vicious cycles of communication.  You will understand that these cycles are propelled by drives and fears established in childhood.

You will be challenged to listen to your partner and to acknowledge their soft emotions and support their need for closeness - to encourage closer connection.  This work of bonding is enhanced at a therapeutic retreat because there is less time for the vicious cycle to tear down the bridges of connection that you are building.

As trust and connection deepen then George will show you how to repair relationship wounds - those traumas from the past that always undermine trust.

You will learn and practice bringing healing to one another's broken hearts and wounded spirits.  You will learn how to be a source of comfort for one another.

My hope is that each session will be helping heal bruises in your relationship and work toward understanding and empathy for one another and deeper bonding. 

One couple wrote: “Our weekend with George proved to be a great springboard to learning more about each other, and how to then use what we learned to better communicate and appreciate each other’s point of view.  It’s amazing how much our history shapes us – and then again, how much we forget to share our history with each other. It’s the seemingly insignificant points that actually become like a spot light shedding vision on how to better become one.  George pushed us, but never too much. He prodded, but only choosing to prod where needed.  George was able to adjust his style based on ours – something truly important when you’ve committed so much time to this retreat!  And with the entire weekend blanketed by faith, this was an experience that will forever help to shape the future of our marriage.”

As an experienced counsellor I understand complex individual and couple problems at the root of marriage breakdown.  Many couples turn to George's therapeutic retreats when regular marriage counselling is not enough to avoid alienation and separation.  I cannot guarantee results only that this is the best way for you to get the best outcome and that I will give my best to you.

Given that some couples are in distress, even crisis, I will make every effort to set up the retreat as soon as possible - within 4 to 8 weeks or even sooner!

Before anythng is established and booked you should consult with George, sharing some details of your marriage situations, to make sure this is a wise and appropriate direction to take.  (Expect no charge for a 20 minute consultation of this sort.)

Remember that there can be follow-up of your retreat with sessions by phone after the retreat.

Contact George:

(416) 234-1850 or
1 (877) 854-3990

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My professional counselling fee is a consistent $100.00 per therapy hour.  Full retreats involve six hours per day so that makes for a fee of $600 per full retreat day.  (Often there is more contact than 6 hours when we share informal time together in coffee breaks and meals.)

DISCOUNT: When you make a cash form payment (not credit card or PayPal) there is a discount of $100 off $600 (so that $500 covers 6 hours of therapy.)

See Fees for the full outline of services and policies.

Retreat Location

Full retreat (six hours per day) is usually at my office.

The more expensive alternative is to shift operations to a suitable (retreat) facility, for example, a cottage at Niagara-on-the Lake, near Niagara Falls. Office location.

Hotel Options

See Hotel Options.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada is reached by air travel to Pearson International Airport.  Airport code is YYZ. 

If you don't have passports to enter Canada a location near Buffalo, New York can be arranged.

Toronto is less that two hours drive from Niagara Falls and full retreats can be held in beautiful Niagara on the Lake

Note: Toronto is one of the most comopolitan cities in the world. Churches are commonly and casually mixed racial and national groups. George is experienced in counselling couples of various races and nations. (Ask for a reference if necessary.)

Recent Report on two days of intensive marriage therapy

"We decided to join George Hartwell for 12 hours marriage intensive therapy after a particularly difficult crisis in our marriage. We truly believe George was brought to us through divine intervention! George has such a spirit of gentleness and kindness, which made both of us immediately able to share openly and honestly with him. It was evident soon after we met George that he was a highly educated man with years of experience. He knew when to let us talk, when to press in with questions. He knew when we needed to cry and when a laugh would be a good break. George brought us through our sharp pain and hurt, and took us to a place that allowed us to heal, to forgive each other and most importantly, to let Jesus Christ in to the center of our marriage. At the end of our intensive 2 days with George, we knew things about each other we never dreamed of knowing. After our sessions, we felt we had forgiveness, peace and a direction for the future. We are so truly thankful to George and the journey he has started us on and so grateful that George was so willing to listen and obey the Holy Spirit's guidance in each session."

Emily and Mark (April 2010)



Client Testimonies

"George was able to adjust his style based on ours"

"The benefits of this retreat far exceeded my expectations."

"an extremely insightful counsellor"

Christian marital retreats intensive therpeutic for couples

renew bonding

"We feel much better about ourselves and our relationship."

Thank you for your kind and gentle touch in dealing with such delicate heart and soul matters.

You have brought hope and life to us

See testimonies.

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Professional Observations of George's Life Transformation couple work (prayerful inner healing):
"This has been quite amazing. It has seemed to short-circuit stuff quite immensely. It has been very powerful, useful and exciting to see."

See professional observations





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MORE DETAILS about finding your breakthrough - emotional freedom and solving marital problems
 - at an personal or couples retreat see HealMyLife.Net.

George Hartwell, Agape Christian Counselling, Toronto, Ontario (416) 234-1850

Therapeutic retreats to solve problems in your marriage are held in Toronto, Ontario

  A breakthrough in 8 to 12 sessions at a Christian couples (marriage, relationship) retreat

Christian marriage relationship retreats are booked one couple at a time.

American clients welcome. To book a marital retreat providing therapy for one couple at a time over several days
 in Toronto (Mississauga), Ontario, Canada call  (416) 234-1850

 Toronto is within driving range of Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Falls,New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Toledo, Ohio, Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. In Ontario we are accessible from Windsor, London, Brantford, Kitchener, Hamilton, Burlington, Oshawa, Belleville, Peterborough, Sudbury.

Serving Canada, USA, Toronto, Buffalo, Detroit, New York state from here in Ontario, Canada. Fly into Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and enjoy a few days in a safe, clean cosmopolitan city - Toronto, Ontario.


 A glimpse of some of the retreat centers available for Ontario Christian Retreats.  This is a lovely option for a retreat.  However,  some couples will choose to attend 3 or 6 hours at my office in Mississauga.

Christian Retreat Ontario

Tisdale House, Orillia, Ontario

Christian Retreats Ontario Singing waters

Singing Waters Retreat, Orangeville, Ontario. Singing Waters is a Christian Retreat center with a program of events and training involve healing enounters with God. 

Hotels near my Office

 1454 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario
L4X 1L4.  This is just West of Toronto, Ontario and 20 minutes from Pearson International Airport.

Delta Toronto - Airport West (15 minutes from office)
5444 Dixie Road - Mississauga, Ontario - L4W 2L2
Tel: (905) 624-1144 or 1-800-737-3211

Best Western - Toronto Airport West
5825 Dixie Road - Mississauga, Ontario - L4W 1E8
Tel: (905) 670-8180 or 1-800-260-3333

Travelodge - Toronto Airport
925 Dixon Road - Etobicoke, Ontario - M9W 1J8
Tel: (416) 674-2222 or 1-888-483-6887
(Ask for preferential rate for TACF visitors:)

Other suggestions near the airport with preferential rates:
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For more about retreats see: HealMyLife.Net