Christian phone counselling for a breakthrough in your life in 8 to 12 sessions.

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Christian phone counselling     

Phone counseling is an effective way to bring health and sanity to your life

Telephone counseling is effective announces the Journal of Counseling Psychology (Vol. 49, No. 2).  Without physical appearance to potentially distract them, people in phone counseling are sometimes better able to relax and open up and may also be better able to focus on what the therapist is saying.

A client reports from a phone counseling with George: "I have found the sessions to be very healing and you are extremely gifted in your ability to understand."

Here is a report from one who was cautious about phone counselling:  "I approached the idea of disclosing much of my spiritual life to a complete stranger, found on the internet, with some trepidation. I had come across a few interesting sites and forums in the short time I had been working up to speed on this revolutionary method of communication. Meeting across the miles via skype was not entirely new. It could be extremely rewarding. I had already made a lovely friend through a novelists site. But this was counselling/healing ministry/the divulging of secrets.

The reviews and credentials looked good. So - I gave it a bash, as an ex-piano pupil used to say at the beginning of each lesson.

It was true. George could not have been easier to talk to. He has come up with insights that I could never have seen myself and dealt with them with gentleness and wisdom.

I find myself looking forward to the next session as one would look forward to meeting with a friend."

Phone Counseling with a professional therapist can be effective

Often a master at inner and emotional healing will far exceed the expectations of clients in terms of insight, focus on the essential issues and effectiveness. 

I focus on core beliefs and research shows that the dealing with core beliefs is key to significant life breakthroughs.

Some people feels that no one understands them until they speak with George.  Sometimes my perspective is new and refreshing.

For example, people tell me that my veiws on "emotional and nervous breakdown" are refreshing, supportive and enlightening.

You will find that my perpectives are usually positive and encouraging.  My attitude is never judgmental, unfair or dictated to you.  Even on the phone you will find that I am an understanding, supportive, insightful and effective counselor.

George Hartwell M.Sc. - a trained and experienced professional therapist who is also deeply rooted in spiritual perspectives on emotional healing.  My local number in Canada is (416) 234-1850. I am Eastern Standard Time.

Find how easily you can feel better

Your phone call is private.  In confidential phone counseling you can explore your options.  It is flexible.  You can call from your office, home or car.

It is convenient.  No office visit to make.  You save travel time and costs.  Resources that are out of your range by travel are in range by phone.

It is time to feel better.  Why delay finding solutions.

If You Don't Start Now, You could regret is later

When your emotional well-being is at stake, it is not wise to wait.  Things can get worse.   For example, some people never fully recover from burn-out.  Others stay in debilitating depression for years, wasting their life.  I have seen it.

  • If you don't find an experienced shepherd during your nervous breakdown - it may not be so positive.

  • If you don't deal with worry and anxiety - your fears may consume your life.
  • If you don't get help with your religious issues, spiritual abuse, etc. - you could lose your solid faith foundation.
  • If you don't deal with People Pleasing - you might find your marriage ends in divorce.
  • If you don't deal with Super-responsible - you could have a physical or emtional breakdown ( and be no good for anyone.)
  • If you don't avoid burnout you may never recover full mental functioning.
  • You could return to the confusion of your breakdown in years ahead and the crisis repeats itself.

What Issues can we deal with in a phone session?

Trauma, loss, grief counseling, stress management, depression, anxiety, academic and career problems, parenting issues, relationship issues, divorce counseling, low-self esteem issues, family of origin issues, love and sex addiction, codependency, anger management, church or religious addiction, healing the impact of verbal, sexual and emotional abuse, domination and control issues - many issues common to personal counselling can be dealt with in phone counselling. 

How Do I Arrange My Telephone Counseling Session?

1.    A brief phone call or e-mail to evaluate your personal needs could be the first step.

2.    Call 877 854-3990 or e-mail with a brief indication of your personal needs.

3.    If you decide to schedule a session we will set up an appointment time.

4.    You may use paypal to pay for a 60 minute phone counseling session - $100 Canadian.

5.    Call (416) 234-1850] at the scheduled appointment time for your phone counseling session.

6.    You may take notes or tape sessions if you find that helpful.

What is the fee for my phone counseling session?

Phone sessions with George are $100 for 60 minutes.  I pay for the phone call itself and you simply pay for the telephone counseling.

How do I learn more about George?

You can learn more about my approach by meeting my mentors and  reading my Articles especially under Listening Prayer Therapy. For credentials see Counsellor. For your assurance learn about the  Board of Reference and Testimonials.

A study found that telephone counseling (four sessions) was beneficial and satisfactory, marked by specific improvement on the issue that lead to counseling and global improvement in emotional state. 


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Want to meet with George in person.  How about a 'Mini-Retreat' - three hours per day for five days.  There is no charge for an initial consultation leading to a retreat.

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