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George Hartwell MSc. bringing inner and emotional healing to individuals and couples for 30 years.

Professional Feedback at an  Intensive marriage retreat - insight and observations from two professionals

A couple met with me every day for 7 days under the watchful eyes of 2 men who had worked with them for a deliverance model.


Christian Marriage Counselling:


Intensive marriage Retreat: I provide intensive therapeutic work with couples and individuals.  Originally these occurred at a retreat center.  Now they are usually at my office.  The therapy work is with one couple.  A full day is 6 hours.  See: intensive therapeutic retreat.

Feedback on an Intensive marriage Retreat: Rev. Paul White knows me well from many years of association and participation in a small group of pastors who prayed together and went on retreats together.  He and his father had done deliverence work with a couple and much remained unhealed.  They asked me to work with this couple as they observed my work.  This involved 7 days of meetings with up to 3 hours of listening prayer therapy per day.

Trust: This took a lot of trust.  The couple is transferring trust from Paul and his dad to me.  Paul and his dad are humbly stepping back and letting another have a go at it.  I need incredible confidence in my process to do listening prayer therapy in front of two other observers.  But everyone trusted and I am confident, so we had a go.

Participants: Six out of seven days I worked with the wife.  She experienced a lot of healing, deliverance and integration.  On the last day the husband reluctantly setted up.  He feared that little could happen in the last 3 hours.  He was wrong!

The husband: Although he stepped in at the end the husband experienced significant healing.  He now realized that a key issue was the right to life.  He said: "I can see that one of my core issues is the right to life.   I didn't choose life." 

The wife identified the difference between an inner healing approach and a deliverence approach. "What is important is that there was inner healing. In the earlier counseling they threw out a lot of stuff (deliverance) but there wasn't a lot of inner healing."
     The listening prayer therapy approach was helpful.  She said: "I must admit I never felt the inner healing so strongly. The five year old was totally changed."  Her inner child heard Jesus tell her "You are free of guilt."  The child's delight was expressed in worshipping Jesus.

Rapid inner healing through Listening Prayer Therapy: Everyone was impressed at how much was accomplished in the time.  They asked "So do things always move this quickly?" One reason that so much is accomplished is the way the method allows the Holy Spirit target wht to deal with.  Paul noted this: "So the precision in dealing with what has to be dealt with is a nice part of this."

An amazing process:  Mr. White senior exclaimed: "This has been quite amazing. It has seemed to short-circuit stuff quite immensely. It has been very powerful, useful and exciting to see it go."
He noted: "We spent a lot of time (200 hours plus) kicking out a lot of demons. You have revisited the places and achieved what we did not achieve."

Integration of multiple personality:  Because the listening prayer therapy is effective with memories and we locate a memory in a particular year of life one can end up bringing healing to different parts of a person's personality.  Jesus may then bring about an integration of the parts.  Mr. White senior observes: "isolating the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, year olds and bringing them to the point of being ready to be integrated is major stuff and puts the person on a whole new track, in my mind."

Positive Outcome:  "She is in a position to begin to take charge of her life rather then let the enemy run it."

Listening Prayer and Jesus:  In the process of listening prayer therapy the counsellor steps back and lets Jesus lead.  White noticed the result: "The nice thing from my perspective is that out of the many things in a person's  past and in the aspects of yourself that you are not even aware of, Jesus leads just exactly to the spot that needs to be dealt with. It gets dealt with and then you are to the next spot."

Jesus is a support to the client:  "Going back to a place where I felt the fear of the child. I would not be able to go there if Jesus was not there with me and holding my hand."

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Note: Rev Paul White. Paul has a local and international speaking ministry called Mercy Drops Ministry with a focus of modelling and teaching healing including emotional healing and deliverance. He can be called upon to train ministry teams. Paul has 25 years of pastoral experience including founding and pastoring the Scarborough Vineyard for 10 years.  George and Paul have been in a small pastor and professional prayer group that went on retreats together to build community.

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