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Personal coach Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville

Coaching For Peak Performance

  • Helps you optimize your achievement

  • Achieve higher grades

  • Become more productive and creative

  • Lift your athletic performance

Therapeutic Peak Performance Coaching is designed to:

Work through the core life issues that block your energy and passion.

-  Eliminate the negative and you pave the way for the positive.

-  Remove doubts that undermine your achievement.

-  Overcome fears that interfere with your completing things.

-  Overcome performacne anxiety so you can handle mission critical situations.

-  Release your spirit to energize coordinated athletic performance.

This therapeutic effort is gloriously rewarded when you feel good about yourself and life.

Imagine you

  • are in the zone mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • are breaking the belief barrier to peak achievement.

  • Your energy, passion, aggression is mobilized.

  • You are focused - able to concentrate on the task at hand.

  • gain in personal productivity, income and achievement: athletic, academic, professional and personal.

  • feel at peace with yourself and life.

  • You are being creative and loving.

  • You are enjoying a life worth living because you are discovering and fulfilling your life's calling.


release your passion


Contact George Hartwell M.Sc.

e-mail George Hartwell

Toronto, Ontario phone: (416) 234-1850

Please phone in United States or Canada: 1 (877) 854-3990



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