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Individual Therapy

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Work with me on a committed basis,  pursue your breakthrough with endurance and you will find victory and achieve healing of such personal issues as: depression,  anxiety, childhood trauma, abuse - including sexual abuse, identity confusion, emotional crisis, grief, loss, eating disorders, addictions, codependency, anger and rage.

You are looking for a good therapist. I am looking for a good patient. Stick with me of 6 to 8 weeks and you will see initial results.

If your issues will take longer I will tell you. I will be straight with you. I mean business and so should you. I don't waste time. Some seasons of your life you are in a transition. I am your guide through such times. Examples would be a relationship breakdown or a 'nervous breakdown.'

(You don't need to be scared of your nervous breakdowns if you have me by your side. I will explain where you are in the process and what positive integration is emerging. It can be a 'positive disintegration.' Life is full of them.)

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I find it most effective to focus on core issues of identity and self-concept. Dealing with these is the quickest path to mental health and emotional freedom. See counselling testimonials at the bottom of the page.


You can call me between 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard time without charge using 1 877 854-3990. In the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area please use (416) 234-1850.

I work at root issues using prayer therapy with professional experience and training and the results are good. At the intial consultation I can assess whether you can expect a major breakthrough in 8 to 12 sessions or whether you need a longer term perspective, because of core issues, of 16 to 24 sessions.

For credentials see Counsellor. For your assurance learn about the  Board of Reference and guarantee. Also see Testimonials below.

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Agape Christian Counselling Toronto - excellent results, reasonable fees, impressive marital breakthroughs with issues of abuse, intimacy, communication and personality differences. Discover the power of inner healing to bring emotional freedom, achieve peak performance, and feel good.

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"I desperately needed someone to talk with and help me work out the struggles that I was facing. George was the first therapist I had ever sat down with and with him I felt completely relaxed. His healing prayer therapy had a tremendously positive effect on my life; I literally was freed from strongholds that were at work in my life. I am very grateful to George and sincerely recommend him."

 - Gene Alexander, Toronto, Ontario

"When I started counselling I knew theoretically that emotional healing was possible but I did not believe it in my heart. I dared not allow myself to hope for fear of disappointment. Six months later, I am amazed at the results. Not only has God given me tremendous insight into my emotional scars and the lies I had believed, He has also replaced these with His truth.

I have experienced phenomenal healing and am now confident that complete healing is possible in the immediate future. The added bonus is that, throughout this process, Jesus has become very real, personal and dear to me."

- Sharon D, Beaton, Ontario

"My birth was at the very time that my mother was in grief over the loss of her mother. It seemed that I was born at the wrong time; that I was a pain. I became super responsible – thought everything was my fault.  However, in a prayer encounter, I saw God the Father proudly holding me in his arms and showing “His daughter” to everyone. There was a welcome party at my birth! A celebration!

This brought an explosion of joy and new life to my heart. Now, instead of shrinking away from life, I want to come forth. I have much less feeling of depression and of giving up on life."

- Madeline R

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