Johnny's Tidbits - a child's wisdom in small bites


John said once;

"I know God can do everything because I tried that once, and it didn't work."


John said once;

"I know God is real because of love. He loves me so why wouldn't He be real?"


John said once;

"With all the stuff God made, most people should see God is real. If they don't know God is real, how can they can see all the stuff?"


John said once;

"Jesus may have died on the cross, but he has no blood now. He gave it all away"


John said once;

"I wish I could really hug Jesus for real. I know in heaven I can. If I could know that Jesus hugs me NOW, then earth would be heaven"


John said once - when his best friend moved away;

"Lord, protect my best friend 'Julian'. He is my best friend....well, I know you're my friend too God, no offence - but Julian is,like - the one who plays games and stuff with me. So, please protect him so we can keep playing games together.."


John once said -

"Mom I don't want you to die, but if you do - can you see if there is Scooby Doo in heaven?"


John once said;

"When I close my eyes I can see Jesus. He smells like a flower. He looks like me only with long hair and a beard. He is warm feeling and strong. He is gentle but he could beat anybody at arm wrestling"


John once said this when we told him, accepting Christ means to have God's Spirit living inside and to be welcomed into Gods family;

"I have the power of the Holy Spirit in me. I feel good. I feel like God is all around. I hope there is room in my bed for both of us"


John said to his Dad when he was scared at night;

"Dad will you pray to God that all the scary things will go away, and to fight all the monsters for me, 'cause I'm too tired"


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