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Lorne Shepherd is a writer, producer, speaker and counsellor.  I have known Lorne as a teacher, counsellor and fellow Christian for 25 years.  I have been an encourager in his ministry.

Lorne Shepherd


I helped initiate the writing of his first book.  Attending his course on marriage and family over a year I discerned that his material should be in book form and began recording and transcribing the material that is now: Love Making His Way ISBN-0-920195-04-0, 1985.

 David Mainse says of Lorne: "I have personally met dozens of couples that Lorne Shepherd has been God's means of putting them back together after separation and even after divorce." Lorne can be reached through the Bayridge Family Center (905) 319-1488, www.bayridgefamilycenter@nas.net.


Lorne Shepherd has gone on to write other books, such as: 

Raising Real Kids in an Unreal World, $19.95

by Lorne Shepherd

In this pressure filled world we live in, there is hope for parents raising children today. Beginning with conceptions we can instill and help our children become mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually whole people.

This book will help you&ldots;

    * Understand how early a child is affected by our feelings.

    * Realize the importance of the prenatal stage.

    * Develop your child’s spirituality.

    * See what real discipline means to a child.

    * Know what role “sexuality” plays in a child’s life.

    * Teach the traps of sexual disease and abuse.

    * Know what to do about the ‘prodigal” child. 

Sex is Never a Four Letter Word

by Lorne Shepherd

In this book, Lorne looks at scripture to determine God’s plan for our sexuality and examines the damage caused by promiscuity. Lorne also explores how to build healthy, loving relationships.

 www.HealMyLife.com (counselling) and www.HealMyLife.net (retreats)


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