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Ralph Rutledge Updates

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Ralph Rutledge Updates

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Ralph Rutledge Updates

Getting up to date on the Ralph Rutledge Story 

Scripture says we are to expose the works of darkness and not be partners with the ones involved.  "Have nothing to do with the deeds produced by darkness, but instead expose them, for it is shameful even to speak of the things these people do in secret."  Ephesians 5:11, 12.

Do not partner with a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Do not let Ralph Rutledge threaten you and manipulate you.  Scripture says that these things must be exposed to the light and revealed for what they are.  I believe that Ralph Rutledge will be exposed.  Scripture says: "but instead expose them."

If you have any first hand information to either deny or support my suspicions, please contact me.  Let the light shine.  "Shine, Jesus, Shine."  I care for the sheep in my flock and I care for Toronto and Mississauga.  I will do my best not to allow wolves to scatter and eat the sheep.  You can help by sharing what you know.

Updates: I willl post updates here or on the blog

Dec. 21, 2009  Since publishing the above, two people with heavy involvement in Ralph Rutledge's life and with confirming information about Ralph Rutledge and privy to reports of his behaviour have contacted me.  Both of these reports confirm my assessment above. 

Dec. 23, 2009  I now have information from two sources that a fictional book by Miriam Bellamy called "Demons in the Sanctuary" can be read as a good description of Ralph Rutledge's ministry after being removed from the PAOC and Queesway Cathedral. The description in Amazon is compelling:

"A monumental battle rages between mighty angel warriors and a vast horde of nightmarish demons who have established a stronghold within an unsuspecting church.

The pastor, a charming man with magnetic personality, is doted upon by his followers, most of whom are unaware of his arrogant pride and unethical conduct. The affairs of the church he controls with an iron fist, abusing his leaders unmercifully. Many have left broken and wounded while others look the other way, unable to stand against the enormous spirits controlling the man.

A neophyte board of directors find themselves faced with a terrible dilemma when they finally realize the extent of his wickedness. Will they choose to stand for righteousness, demanding accountability, or will they abandon the responsibilities of their leadership roll? It is only as they face off against this self-styled prophet of the Lord that they fully realize his formidable ability to divide and conquer with manipulation and intimidation.

As the human struggle continues, heavenly hosts clash with the entrenched army of evil in a desperate attempt to overthrow the designs of the savage Python spirit and monstrous demon-master, Jezebel, in order to win back the territory and save embattled believers."

Sounds like the plot for a movie or a video game but I am sure the reality behind this fictional account is neither pretty or funny.  I plan to read the book and see if the the Pastor Rafe of this fictional account could be based on real encounters with the Ralph Rutledge I know. This should be very interesting.  I will keep you informed.

I am blogging my reading of Demons in the Sanctuary in my blog on The New Church Landscape. Some of these posts are: Other posts in this series on Demons in the Sanctuary: 1. Masculine Tough and Feminine Soft,  2.  Narcissistic Personality Pastor,  3. Nicolaitanism - triumph over the lay people,  4. Church Scandal and Financial Wrongdoing,  5. Attitude of a Good Pastor6. The Blessing of Unity,  7. Pastor in Rebellion against God's Anointed.

December 26th, 2009:  I now have information that a congregation and a businessmen involved with Ralph Rutledge took issue with sexual and financial practices on his part.  Information is accumulating that lack of advance information about his business, financial and sexual practices has brought severe hardship to others.  They were not warned because of the gag agreement struck with the PAOC administrators.  The Bible is right when it says that there are times when it is appropriate to "tell the church."  I believe this is one of those times.

December 28th, 2009:  Phone Call from Ralph Rutledge.  Today Ralph Rutledge phoned me for a brief (under 2 minute) phone call.  It wasn't a conversation because he was on a roll and there was no place to respond.  The conversation ended when I told him it worked better if he wrote or e-mailed me with any relevant information.

His first few points were that the information about him is not true, the events are 20 years old; that I must have something personal against him; that this brought a bad report against the Body of Christ.  (I don't remember his exact words.)

For the record the scandal that shocked Queensway Cathedral when Rutledge was removed from the PAOC must be at least 20 years ago.  My mother died in 1983 and we were thankful that she was not alive when this happened a few years later.  She was a cell group leader.

Paul warned (Acts 20:29) that "savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock."  When Paul was around he would not allow it.  He would confront it.  He did that out of intense love for the flock, intense loyalty to Christ and faithfulness to his calling as an apostle.  My point is that there are healthy, holy and loving reasons to as scripture says expose the works of darkness.  (Ephesians 5:8-13)  I am not being vindictive.  I am confronting in love, reporting truth as I understand it and calling for repentance, full acknowledgement of sin and committment both to sin no more but, more importantly, a loving committment to help (from arms' length) in the healing of the possible many of the sheep that have been wounded by your wolf-like behaviour, Ralph.

I fear you operate as a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' of the kind Jesus warns about in Matthew 7: 15-20.  If this is true we need to finish up the work that the PAOC left unfinished when they did not carry through the Matthew 18 process by making the charges public.  I am doing that for the sake of the Body of Christ, for the healing of the molested sheep and for your story and testimony Ralph Rutledge.  You have much to account for God.  Time for some damage control.

I believe that it will be shown that you (Ralph) led many sheep astray (Matthew 18: 6-9) and that Jesus would say: "Woe to that by whom the offense comes."  When the PAOC confronted you with your sin you were not able to deny the offenses to your accusers; else you would still be part of the PAOC.

You built the largest most famous Pentecostal church in Canada.  You were their golden boy.  There had to be an undeniable strong case against you with 2 or more witnesses.  If you are innocent then give the PAOC permission to open their archives to me and other interested parties. 

However, when the PAOC agreed to keep the facts hidden, they left the rest of Body of Christ vulnerable.  If nothing is published then others can hire, engage or do business with Ralph and give him platforms to ravage the flock and to bruise more of those humble ones who have submitted to Jesus as Lord.  My information is that is exactly what has happens and continues to happen not only to committed Christians but to potential Christians.

Your abuse of your position, Ralph, is worse the Jim Baker.  The offense and the damage is much more serious.  The scandal is much more explosive and sensational.  A pastor prayed about this and prophesied that within the year you would be exposed.  Now is the day of salvation!

Imagine a father bringing his son to Ralph for counselling.  Imagine that his son has gender identity issues.  Listen to Rutledge advising him that there is no problem with homosexuality.  Imagine this wolf disguised as a pastor (shepherd) ravaging the young man.  If his father knew wouldn't he be outraged!

I am outraged by your abuse of your position of trust as a pastor. The things you have done are shameful to speak of.  They are works of darkness.  Satan has much in you - a deep foothold.  This must be painful.  You must be in much torment inside.  Christ still weeps for you, still died for you, still prays for you.

The best defense at this point is not to attack me but to turn, repent, confess, stop the pretending, stop the play, get off the merry-go-round.  Be a man and start acting like a man of God.  Get real with your consellors!  Get real with God!

 Didn't you always say that we must 'blow the trumpet in Zion.'  I am.

Doesn't God wonder why no one stood in the gap.  I am standing.

Why has no watchman sounded the alarm.  The alarm is ringing.

Matthew 18 says 'tell the church.'  Allow the PAOC to tell the church.

You have refused to stop and get accountable.  Time to stop and get into accountability.  Now!

Now is the time for the trumpet to blow.  The sound must be clear.  The warning must be heard.  And hopefully Rutledge will cut off the offending member (Matthew 18:8) so that he is not cast into the everlasting fire.  I am blowing the trumpet and I need your prayers for me, for Ralph and for the many unknown victims of his unclean spirit.  Pray that Christ will give us light as we bring this to the light.

Ephesians 5:1-14.

I invite people to contact me to add to this story, to help this watchman blow the trumpet in Zion. Please identify yourself: full name, address and phone number so that I can verify my facts.  I envision a network of witnesses who each can contribute some of the facts, clarify the allegations and help us understand the Ralph Rutledge's Queensway Scandal. 

I envision Canadians finding their backbone; learning to confront one another in love - Canadians with courage - Canadian men of God!

I love you, Ralph.  I love God.  I love the Bride.  I pray that the Bride by healed, delivered and be freed of oppression.  Stop oppressing.  Join in the freedom!  Now!

If you post copies of this information please acknowledge and link back to the source.  Thanks.

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