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Deliverance from Homosexuality

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Deliverance from Homosexuality - an Inner Healing approach

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Deliverance from homosexuality means getting free or healed from the roots that make homosexual expression attractive or addictive.  Deliverance through inner healing is not provided by some quick fix such as those who believe that one can 'cast out a demon' and solve a complex problem with many roots that have not been cut.

Homosexual struggles are somewhat unique as an inner healing problem and yet they are not.  In many ways homosexual struggles have the same roots as every other problem in life that is presented to the prayer therapist.  The same premise applies that "only God can heal my life."  The same process is followed in discovering the roots through a prayerful counselling interview.

Any one person with homosexual struggles is also unique.  The family history may be relevant (something significant in the generational line that is out of balance).  The nuclear family history is relevant such as mother and father:  were they someone you could respect, were they someone to whom you bonded? 

The strength of love and respect is relevant.  If mother is dominant and father weak; if one's experiences with females has them as strong and one's experience of males is of weakness then you will turn toward females to gain strength, power and authority.  They have it and you, therefore, orient toward them.

In this example women are to be respected and men not.  Thus the young girl is attracted toward females to gain strength in life.  The young male does not find affirmation of his masculinity from his father.  He may be attracted toward males to complete the growth of his masculine identity.

If father rejects his son and does not bond to him or affirm him, there is lack of love.  One's father may act in ways that block any identification or connection with him.  The young man cannot draw masculinity from a father who is totally isolated from him.  Young man will be looking to other men to affirm his masculine identity.

Leanne Payne discerned that this need for a man to affirm one's masculine identity can feel like a sexual attraction to men.  It can turn into a sexual attraction to men.  A homosexual liaison may develop out of this need for affirmation and its expression through the lust channel.

 There may be three of four major roots behind the homosexual struggle.  As each one is investigated, understood and thoroughly dealt with in prayer therapy the drive toward homosexuality is less.  Dealing with any one seems like the solution at the time because of the freedom it brings.  HOwever, other roots may soon show their heads.  Each needs attention.

Childhood sexual abuse by a same sex parent or adult or sibling creates several roots to homosexuality.  There is the spiritual soul tie through sexual encounter.  There may be spiritual (demonic) transference created by the trauma and sexual contact.  There is the trauma and confusion created by the sexual abuse.  Then there is the background dynamics of the family before the abuse.

From this one event in a child's  life there can be four different routes to struggles with homosexuality. 

The third generation of Inner Healing is much smarter when it comes to healing such wounds.  We know that the core beliefs must be targeted for correction.  We know that way and by far the best way of correcting misbeliefs is to hear God's word. 

Ed Smith teaches to target wrong belief and he called his method TheoPhostic prayer ministry.  Listening prayer therapy involves listening for God's truth.  Leanne Payne testified to how very effective that was.  John Regier has great success in marriage therapy with a prayer time structured along the same lines.

What I am saying is that the professional prayer therapist cannot assume that there is any single simple answer to heal the homosexual - except God.

Healing is a process involving careful interviewing, listening to God and working with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  In the process the one struggling with homosexuality is treated with respect as a person.

All the typical personality patterns such as Flight from Life (avoidant living), Performance Orientation (earning love and people pleasing) and Codependency (the Caregiver - Super Responsible role) need to be dealt with.  Begin clearing the forest and soon you may get all the roots and be able to built your cabin.


 © copywrite George Hartwell, 2010.  All rights reserved.

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