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George holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical psychology, however, he is not a registered Psychologist His professional designation is as a counselor or therapist.

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Job Interview Prayer

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Job Interview Prayer

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The Job Interview Prayer is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a job interview. You may use the same approach for a school test, public speaking or athletic performance.

The fundamental objective of the Job Interview Prayer is to plan, practice and set your attitude to the job interview ahead of time.  This objective  avoids Witchcraft Prayer because praying for attitude is not trying to force the outcome.  We leave the outcome to God and respect the free will of the company to make their own choice.

When right attitude as your objective is clearly God honouring.  Being of the right attitude or spirit is the essence of spirituality.

Having the right attitude is also achievable.  It is under your control.  Nobody can take that from you.

Describe who do you want to be in the Job Interview.  Here we focus on attitude not outcome.

First step in the Job Interview Prayer is to describe the attitude that you want to have as you participate in this situation. Describe this attitude. Write down several ways you want to "come across."  Talk to a trusted friend or counselor to help you define positive characteristics of the attitude that will work best for you.

Here are some examples: I will be relaxed and alert; I will be clear and creative; I will listen and be sociable; or I will be enthusiastic and energetic. This simple description is to remind yourself of your attitude so you can assume this in other situations.

Put your Job Interview Prayer into words.  Putting your prayer in words is more effective if you join in agreement prayer with someone else.

The Second Step is to pray. Pray like this: "Father be with me in this situation. Help me to have a positive attitude in this situation. Help me to &ldots; (describe the attitude). By your Spirit help me to picture myself in this situation in the right spirit."

Put your Job Interview Prayer into a picture.  Putting your prayer in visual form engages faith of the heart.

Thirdly put your Job Interview Prayer into a picture.  Close your eyes and picture yourself in this situation. Visualize yourself managing this situation in the attitude that you have defined. (The second time you do this you may picture Jesus with you in this situation helping you through this.  Invite Jesus to be there at this interview and to be glorified in you.)

The imagination is key to the heart. When heart faith is present so is the ability to "see" the result. Our goal is the right attitude. So now is the time to assess heart faith. As the personal coach I would usually ask: "How did that go?" and "How did that feel?" I want to find out if you are able to visualize yourself in the situation in the hoped for attitude.

I want you to practice this attitude and be able to apply in other situations as well. This is like a new set of clothes. Become comfortable in picturing and feeling this new attitude (spirit).

In the days before a performance, test or interview choose times when you are relaxed to picture yourself in the situation with your chosen attitude. When In a park, when listening to relaxing music, in a hot tub or warm bath - remind yourself of your new attitude.

Pray before a new situation. Visualize yourself in your chosen attitude. Notice how that feels. The more you practice the attitude in your mind or in real life, the more automatic it will become. Do not forget to than God for helping you find this new spirit.

Step Four:  Pass it on to someone else.  Pray with someone else for their job interview.  IT is good in prayer to get beyond your own selfish needs, trust God, and bless others.

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