"The prayers on your website are so powerful and results for me quite amazing. I wish I'd discovered your site years ago."  Diana K.  other testimonies    Prayer Shield, how to pray for protection during the day, a different prayer theme for each of the 8 'watches' of the day and night so that we can watch in prayer.

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Prayer Shield

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The prayer shield is my concept.  I looked to Biblical events associated with the watches to guide me.  I alternate the focus on Father, Son and Holy Spirit in different watches. 

Introduction to the prayer shield concept

In Jesus day a soldier would stand guard for a 'watch' of 3 hours.  This breaks the 24 hour day into 8 watches.  Using the idea of these 8 watches we can create a method for 8 different prayers of protection during 24 hours. Here is how this works for a prayer shield.
At any time during day or night use the prayer for that 'watch.'  

3:00 AM Watch - the Blood of Jesus

If you are awake at 3:00 AM (and any time up to 6:00 AM) claim the protection of the Blood of Jesus.  This is the blood of the covenant.  Through the shed blood you are in blood covenant with Jesus The Son and through Jesus with the Heavenly Council.  In a covenant with anyone you can call upon all their resources for battle if you need them.  When you claim the blood you are saying in the heavenlies: "I am in covenant.  Jesus is my covenant partner.  He is Commander of the heavenly host.  He will call legions of angels on my behalf if I need them.  We share blood.  I am of His blood line.  I belong to Him.  I have been bought with a price of His blood.  This is the blood of the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world."

6:00 AM Watch - God is good

At 6:00 AM focus on protection from The Father.  Remember and declare the goodness of God.  You can use the little chant: "God is good. (Response.) All the time.  (Chant) All the time. (Response) God is good"  "Thank you Father that we can trust completely in your love, grace and good will toward us, because we are your beloved and precious children." Romans 8:28.   (This trust in the goodness of God is the Helmet of Salvation and protects our minds from doubts.  Put it on by affirming and fixing your mind on God's goodness.)  Picture your trustful unity with the Father with a picture of you as a child jumping into His safe loving arms and being immersed in His love.

9:00 AM Watch - Baptism and the Holy Spirit

9:00 AM  Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost and Peter says in his explanation of all that is happening that they are not drunk because it is only 9 O'clock in the morning.  So focus on the Gentle Dove - the one who descended upon Jesus at His baptism.  Remember that this means that the heavens have opened up and a blessing has been poured out upon you.  This blessing opens communication (as suggested by speaking in different languages on Pentecost) and is associated with being able to listen to the affirmation of the Father as to your being loved, your being his precious child and his being pleased with you.  So pray that your life, household and workplace can have an atmosphere compatible with the Gentle Dove; that she could remain with you and abide in you.

Noon - mid-day - Our Father (the Lord's Prayer) - worship and praise

Noon:  Use the Lord's Prayer - the Our Father.  This prayer affirms our relationship with heaven and offers worship and praise in the opening lines.  Continue to love and worship God all day and you will experience marvelous things.

3:00  PM Watch - The Cross of Jesus - The Sign of the Cross (protection from curses)

3:00  PM  This is the time of Jesus death on the cross which is also the time of the tearing of the veil of separation between God and man.  Rejoice that death, sin and Satan were all defeated and overcome at this time.  Now you can come boldly to the throne of grace.  Thank God that He forgave your sin and invites you to enter in to His arms of love. 

         Put the Sign of the cross on your forehead as a reminder that Jesus became a curse on the cross so you could be freed from any curse sent against you.  No curse penetrates the cross that God puts on you which marks you as His own.  Claim protection from every curse and if you feel heaviness or have experienced oppression from wrong prayers, slander or lose tongues speaking against you or someone harboring hateful feelings, then add a statement of authority against any curse in a form such as: "In the name of Jesus I cut them off."  See Types of Curses.

         Pray Jesus in Between as a shield between you and any that may curse you in any sense of the term - see types of curses.  Take authority over any curses: "I cut them off in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ." (Don't need to give details.)

6:00  PM Watch - Creation, stillness, fellowship in the Father's Garden 

6:00 PM  Time to walk in the garden with the Father as in the Garden of Eden.  Enjoy communion with God through creation and respond with joyfulness.  Listen to His still small voice through the sparkle of snow, the splash of rain, the song bird, the human form.  Find some way that life is amazing and worth celebrating.  Smell the flowers.  Enjoy the sunset.  Record something to be thankful for each day in your gratitude book.  Relax, be still, let there be time for recreation.  Be still and listen.  Commune.  You were made for this!

9:00  PM Watch - Present your Body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit

9:00 PM   Commit your day to God and dedicate your body to be the temple of the Holy Spirit.  "I belong to God and I invite the Holy Spirit to join my spirit in my body.  May I be the temple of the Holy Spirit.  May the Gentle Dove be with me as I sleep to give me God's thoughts, creative ideas and inspiration for tomorrow.  I am open to God's dreams, God's visions and God's guidance for tomorrow."

Use the Put it on the Altar prayer to release and dedicate the efforts of the day to God.  Let you work be an act of love to God and give it to Him.  "Do all as unto the Lord."

Time for journalling especially any emotional high or low points of the day.  These can lead you to do inner healing.

Midnight - Intercession for others even those that oppose you!

12 midnight  Pray protection for another as God guides.  Lift others up in prayer to receive God's blessing.  Pray for those who cursed you, frustrated you or abused you during the day.  Build a bridge in prayer between them and heaven.  Build Jacob's ladder in prayer so that angels can ascend and descend upon them.  Jesus said to do this so let us obey.  Pray a blessing on those who cursed you, encouraged you and blessed you today.