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Agape Christian Counselling

Suite #123,  1454 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. L4X 1L4

Sharing office with Life Transformation Group

In person sessions with George in Toronto (Mississauga) Ontario, Canada are at the counseling office in Mississauga.

OFFICE LOCATION: 1454 Dundas St. East (MISSISSAUGA) is at Dixie Road and Dundas.  The plaza is on the south side of Dundas and within a block East of Dixie. Road.  This is 25 minutes from downtown Toronto and about 20 minutes from the airport (Pearson International Airport.)

My office is number 123, is on the second floor.  The entrance to the offices is at the centre of the plaza (Mall). 

By subway from Toronto take the Bloor West subway to Islington Subway Station.  From the Islington station (not Kipling) take a Mississauga bus that goes along Dundas Street to Dixie Road.  (Check with the driver if in doubt.)  Look for the Plaza on the Left Side.  (It helps to ask the bus driver.)  Get of at the stop just before or just after Dixie Road. 

PHONE: - (416) 234-1850. text: (416) 939-0544

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Phone Counselling

Phone counselling is available for those at a distance.

Phone - (416) 234-1850


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Retreat Information

An intensive therapeutic retreat provides three to six hours of therapy per day.  It can be over a weekend or during the week.  It can be two days.  It can be 3 days.  They have been up to 5 days. 

Plan a retreat for resolving in depth individual or couple needs.  Make use of a retreat when your emotional or marital crisis is becoming more than you can handle with weekly counseling sessions.

Choose a retreat when you can not go on with the way things are.  You need to resolve things one way or another.  You want to get your issues out in the open.  You need to go deeper and resolve more than is possible in weekly therapy sessions. 

One therapist referred a client because it took most of the appointment just to open up.  Another therapist referred a client becuase they wanted to resolve an isolated but traumatic event within 8 sessions.

This is for one individual or one couple - not for a group.  It is useful only when you are ready to look at yourself.  Do not use therapy to "fix" someone else.  It may do that but you need to be open and humble and willing to look at yourself.

We can meet in my office or find a more 'retreat-like' setting out of the city.  Office address: suite #123,  1454 Dundas St. East (near Dixie Road) in Mississauga.  This is 20 minutes from the main airport in Toronto, Ontario - the Pearson International Airport (Airport code is YYZ).

Retreat Hotel Information

If you are looking for a suitable hotel near my office you can book one on Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario (closest to my office and public transportation) or Dixon Road, Mississauga, Ontario (near the airport).

Phone - (416) 234-1850

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(416) 234-1850 for local calls in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or Brampton.
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