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"Dear George, I have had the most distressing time coming through what I feel has been a nervous breakdown. I have not had the insight before that your website has brought me. It has been very encouraging. For the first time, I can see why I am this way, and understand myself."


122 Articles

Table of Contents

Top level - 44 articles

A Marriage and Divorce (11 topics)
B Nervous Breakdown, People Pleasing, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Borderline (20 articles)
C Effective Prayers for your life  (13 articles)

Second level - 31 articles

D. 14 Inner Healing Healing Prayers that I use
E. Prayer Therapy Session - The seven steps in a session (7)
F. Ten Prayers to use to Heal marriages and restore Marital Intimacy (10)

3rd Third Level - 24 articles

G. Listening PrayerTherapy 8
H. Prayers of Protection, Spiritual Warfare, Breaking Curses and other prayers 10
I. Peak Performance 6

4th Fourth Level - 23 articles

J. Inner Healing Prayers for Child Development stages - 7 articles

K. Inner Healing Prayers for inner and emotional healing - 10

L Background and Theory behind Inner Healing Prayer - 6 articles


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Top level

Marriage & Divorce

1.  Bonding focused couple therapy

2.  12 ways to Strengthen your Marriage

3.   10 marriage transforming prayer encounters

4.   7 Types of Intimacy Avoiders

5.   Bonding, Marriage and Silent Divorce

6.   Avoidant Personality and Silent Divorce

7.   Silent Divorce  the Non-intimate Marriage

8.   Family systems

9.   What is an evil family? 

10.   My Theology of Marriage and Divorce

11.  Family Betrayal

12.  How Jealousy and Paranoia gets a start in the human heart.

Nervous Breakdown, People Pleasing, etc.

1. Nervous Breakdown as Positive Breakdown

2. Emotional breakdown.

3. People Pleasing (Performance Orientation)

4. People pleasing and love addiction

5. People pleasing and losing out on love

6. People pleasing - sacrificing love

7. People Pleasing - The Program and the Pit

8. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

9. High Performance Fear

10. Overcoming Fear

11. Social Anxiety

12. Desensitization of Fear

13. Anger Management

14. Anxiety and Depression

14. Gambling Addictions

15. Depression and Religion

16. Does Prayer have a place in Psychotherapy?

17. Borderline Personality - What is that?

18.  Deliverance from Homosexuality

19.  Core Issues - definition

20.  Core Issues - Part 2

 C Effective Prayers for your life

Much more: Listening-prayer.com

Little known ways to do inner healing, break curses, healing prayer and healthy alternatives to Christian 'witchcraft' prayers.

1. Put it on the Altar

2. Job Interview Prayer

3. Prayer of Protection

4.  Listen to God Life-style

5. Faith of the Heart

6. How to pray for difficult people

7. How to pray in a personal crisis

8. How to pray for physical Healing

9. Healing of trauma and PTSD

10. Deliverance from Curses

11. How to break Curses

12 24 Hour Prayer Shield

13. Spiritual Warfare

The unhealthy practices of spiritual mapping, 'binding' principalities and powers is a probable cause of needless sickness, broken relationships, marriage breakdown, confusion, poverty, accidents, etc.  If you do not want to lose your natural 'hidden in Christ' state by ignorant and arrogant prayer practices check out Spiritual Warfare, prayer guidelines and better practices out.

12 24 Hour Prayer Shield

Second Level

D. Inner Healing Healing Prayers that I use

Three Generations of inner healing:

1 Put it on the Altar

2 Grief and Comfort

3 Anger, Hate, Forgiveness, Love

4 Letter to God

5 Burden Exchange

6 Identity Consolidation

7 Cleanse the Temple

8 Peace with Heaven

9 Healing of Trauma

10 Listening Prayer for Dreams

11 The Children's Garden

12 Listening Prayer Journal

13 Listening Prayer - Theophostic Method

Third Level

E. Prayer Therapy Session - some steps my counselling sessions

1.  Components of the Heal My Life Prayer Encounter

2.  Role of Counselor

3.  Invocation

4.  Goal Clarification

5.  Focus of the Session

6.  Jesus Proclamation

7.  Confession / forgiveness

8.  Prayer Therapy Options

9.  Picture Prayer

10.  Follow Up

11.  Identity Affirmation 


F. Prayers I use to Heal marriages and restore Marital Intimacy

Listening Prayers I use to deal with couple issues.

1. Put it on the Altar

2 Right to be Right

3 King of the Castle (Need for Power)

4 'Here comes the judge!'

5 Self Image

6 Saviour no more

7. Autonomous Mind

8 Partner on a Pedestal

9 Release Expectations 

10. Cut Umbilical Cords (soul ties)

Mail to: 125- 1454 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4X 1L4.

email: ghartwell ( at ) rogers ( dot ) com

G. Listening Prayer Therapy 

Listening Prayers to use for Emotional Inner Healing

Listening Prayer Therapy

Releasing Burdens

Releasing Anger

Peace With Heaven

Grief and Mourning

Recent Trauma

Dreams for Inner Healing

The Broken Heart Prayer

H. Prayers of Protection, Spiritual Warfare, Breaking Curses and other prayers

 How to pray for protection

How to break a curse

Prayer for Money, prayer for finances.

Faith of the heart prayers,

How to do Healing Prayer,

how to do listening prayer

prayer with the human spirit,

types of prayer - intercessory prayer,

How to do healing Prayer

Healing prayer for cancer



I. Peak Performance

How to Plan Projects

Prayer Journal

Your Life Mission 

The Matrix for your Decisions

Life Changing Sermons

Accountability Questions
Basic questions to ask each other in an accountability group.


4th Fourth Level

J. Inner Healing Prayers for Child Development stages

How to pray inner healing when emotional development tasks are incomplete. 

What Happens in Inner Healing?

Freedom from Shame - Basic Stage

Life Passion - 2nd Stage

Spontaneity - 3rd Stage (Over-Responsible Caretaker)

Real Identity - 4th Stage (People Pleaser)

Issues of Self Confidence - 5th

Fear of Receiving - 6th Stage


 K. Inner Healing Prayers for inner and emotional healing

The Methods for Inner Healing Prayer

   Grief and Comfort - how to pray during times of grief, loss, death and bereavement.

   Releasing Burdens - an example of imagination in inner healing prayer.

   Traumatic Memories - the place of listening prayer in healing of memories - what we learned from TheoPhostic.

   Cleanse the Temple - Here is a powerful Biblical way to get rid of idolatry.

   What Everybody Ought to Know About Overcoming Fear

   Get Rid of Inflexibility in your Application of Listening Prayer Therapy

   Now Parents Can Bring Healing to Their Child's Trauma

   Get Rid of Demons Once and For All


L. Background and Theory behind Inner Healing Prayer

   Traumatic Memories - listening prayer inner healing of trauma and core beliefs.

   Three Generations of Inner Healing Prayer - Agnes Sanford, John Sandford and Dr. Ed Smith.

   Patrick Celtic Christianity - visual inner healing prayer fits the model.

   The Third Generation - Theophostic Counselling - God's lightening fast healing word.




Church Transformation:

Move Forward in Life - Take Risks!

How God uses 'ungodly' men



 Note on copywrite:

   1.  For commercial use all rights are reserved © George Hartwell,

   2.  You may quote at length for web publication with link back to the article quoted on this site.

   3.  You may quote for other publication with appropriate reference to this site.

© 2003 Rights to commercial publication reserved by George Hartwell. Permission granted to copy for non-commercial personal, academic, web site or ministry use with appropriate credit including web site link to www.HealMyLife.com. The above articles is the output of the last three years from the earliest formulation of the prayer encounters that have become identified as Listening Prayer Therapy up to the present. Most were presented at a lectures, seminars or retreats. Almost all have been tested in group use or in individual therapy sessions. Listening Prayer Therapy presented here means the principles and procedures of Christian inner healing developed by George Hartwell M.Sc. of Agape Christian Counselling, Toronto, Ontario. Sometimes the term "inner healing" is used which means the experience of healing of core (inner) emotional issues by an encounter with God's truth and presence. Sometimes the term "Prayer Encounter" is used which is a description of the methods  I use for life transformation.

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