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Board of Reference

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My Board of Reference:

  1. Father Terrence McKenna is the Chairman of the Board of Reference and the Roman Catholic chaplain at Pearson International Airport.  He can be reached at (905) 676-9560.  

  2. Kathryn Richardson offers communications and advocacy for health and human serves organizations. Kathryn is President of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. (416) 247-6464

  3. Gairey Wayne Richardson is a teacher and acter (Polka Dot Door) and can be reached at (416) 247-6464.

  4. Janet Gas-------. is an interior designer and visual artist and  leads the prayer ministry teams at Little Trinity Anglican Church in downtown Toronto. 

  5. Margaret Sprenger. Margaret has worked with youth groups, Telecare, and co-ordinated Ontario Fetal Alcoholism Support Network. (519) 371-8400

  6. Rev. Bob Hartley is an Ontario personal and marital therapist using Christian inner healing prayer therapy. He has offices in Peterborough, Toronto and Oshawa, Ontario. Phone: (705) 799-7056.

  7. Ann DeCasseres is a business professional woman who knows George.  Ann shared leadership with George at a local Church congregation in west Toronto.  Phone: (905) 624-9153.

Letters of Reference from preseent or past board members:

Father Bill Comerford - now Director of Service for the Charismatic Service Team of Ontario -  is a member of the Redemptorist Community.  He writes: "I recommend George as a counsellor. He is a wise man with much experience. God Bless, Bill."

Ann DeCasseres writes: I have known George Hartwell since 1997 and experienced and observed him in many facets and arenas, as co-members of a congregation, as a client and as a participant of his mentoring program and retreats.

My direct experience has been that George is an authentic, principled, caring and gentle professional who is spirit-led and walks in love. He actively and consistently demonstrates respect for the integrity of the individual, while offering wise, prudent, pertinent and challenging counsel for the situation at hand. He is trustworthy, maintains confidentiality and willing sows his time, gifts and talents into the lives of others.

By demonstrating unconditional love, freedom from legalism and practicing effective listening and communication skills, George creates a supportive and conducive environment for clients to grow into all they were created and designed to be.

It has been said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the Christian family can excel together to accomplish God's will where there is ongoing encouragement and support for the body."*  In my estimation George functions as a "balcony" person - delivering ongoing encouragement and support to those he encounters and  / or serves in a professional capacity. He exemplifies  "I encourage and edify. I never tear down or destroy" and consistently makes a tangible contribution to expanding the Kingdom.

Former members of George's Board of Reference and formerly in accountability relationships with George:

Rev. Bernie Warren when at Bezek and provided accountability for George and Don Blair for several years when they were partners in Mississauga Christian Counselling Service.

Rev. Paul White was Pastor of Scarborough Vinyard and in a small pray and share group lead by George.

Rev. Richard Long  was Pastor at Runnymede Baptist Church when George was a member and in a small prayer group organized by George.

Rev. Andy Leroux of St. Ninians Anglican Church, Scarborough, Chair of Bishop's Committee on Spiritual Renewal and was a member of a prayer and share group lead by George.

Rev. Bill Comerford (retired) former head of Charismatic Service Team and Chair of Fellowship for Renewal in Toronto.

Lorne Shepherd who taught Christian marriage course at Queensway Cathedral.  George initiated the publication of Lorne's first book.

Accountability Reports

These are reports from an outside person who interviews one of my clients for accountability purposes

From an individual retreat at Mount Alverno Retreat Center, Brother David Connolly did an interview for quality control"

"During that conversation she stated or affirmed the following: she felt very comfortable in the environment (Clare's Place) and safe in your presence.  You were very attentive and a good listener. She felt heard and understood.  You were kind and very intelligent and clear in your communication.  With your assistance Ann was able to gain insights, self-understanding and better self-acceptance.

She appreciated the prayer focus of your encounters which gave her a different (and liberating) perspective of her own experience and her experience of God. Healing occurred.  She would very much like to continue therapy with you and would not hesitate to recommend you to others. 

I hope this is helpful. Blessings on your continuing work and ministry.

Bro. David 



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